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Reliable Services

Our customers have been relying on Columbia Fasteners to provide quality products, industry knowledge, exceptional customer service and experienced professionalism. No order is too big or too small – you can secure your siding, decking job or any exterior project with fastening products from Columbia Fasteners.

Columbia Fasteners is committed to providing the outdoor construction industry with stainless steel fasteners of unsurpassed reliability and durability. Count us for quality nails, screws and a host of specialized fastening solutions to withstand the tests of time and the elements–routinely outlasting even the best of building materials.

We Carry Specialized Fastener Products

Our background and experiences stems from working closely with a world leading manufacturer of quality graded stainless steel nails, distribution of stainless specialized construction screws, and related premium fasteners. We offer superior grade construction fasteners in AISI 304, 305 & 316 stainless steel collated plastic, paper tape and wired strip nails, coil siding nails, coil roofing nails, collated pins, collated brads and finish nails, staples, hand-driven siding nails, pressure-treated deck nails/common nails, roofing nails, decking and trim screws, specialized fasteners, and custom designed fasteners.

Product Quality

We procure our products from top manufacturers of premium grade stainless steel fasteners. Our products meet specific stainless steel grades as designated by American Iron and Steel Institute, AISI. Unlike other vendors and suppliers who fail to distinct lesser grade stainless steel in their product line, we guarantee that our products meet specific grades and we provide verifiable proofs of product quality upon requests.

Expertise & Reliability

Columbia Fasteners extensive knowledge of fastener products can assist our customers with selection of the right products for their projects. Our knowledgeable sales personnel have years of industry experience that can provide assistance to our customers regarding product recommendations. We can also offer supply chain consultation for wholesale distribution or supply procurement for large industrial projects. We maintain an accurate and an extensive inventory of product lines, and our products are ready to be shipped in a timely manner.

We are committed to providing fast and reliable services. We understand our customers’ work routine and time deadlines, and we will do our best to ensure that our order processing meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

No Sales Tax

Located in the great state of Oregon, we currently do not collect sales tax on orders fulfilled from our location.

Please contact us with your questions and requirements. Our customer service representatives will be able to handle any inquires you may have at 1-866-260-2121 or at ***International orders may not be placed online at this time. Please contact us to inquire about international orders.