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Stainless Steel Driven

Siding Stainless Steel Screws, Nails, and Staples

Fine Cedar Siding

Using fine siding of Cedar, Redwood or Cypress?

Fine wood siding offers natural beauty, dimensional stability, superior workability, and resistance to insect damage and decay given proper treatment and maintenance.

Tannic acid found in cedar and redwood will react with a corroding carbon steel nail causing unsightly stains and/or streaks. To ensure the lasting beauty of your siding job, install it with stainless steel nails. Eliminate discoloration of siding fasteners by using high quality stainless steel nails.

Use slender gauge, blunt tip hand-drive stainless steel wood siding nails to prevent splitting. The nails come with preformed textured heads to ensure a better blend with wood grains, and holds paint better if painted over. Type 304 stainless steel siding nails are the best choice for these applications as recommended by the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association, and Type 316 SS for seaside applications.

The size of the nails to use depends on the type and thickness of siding. Good building practice is to use nails long enough to go through underlying materials, such as sheathing and insulation, and penetrate at least 1-1/4" (32mm). See table below for recommended nail lengths for various thicknesses of siding.

Siding should be fastened to each stud or furring strip with nails spaced at a maximum of 24" (61cm) on center, nail placement depends on the siding pattern and width. The key is to fasten the siding securely without preventing it from moving in response to the moisture content of the air. In general, each piece of siding must be nailed independently.

Important: Nailing overlapping pieces together restricts the natural movement of each piece and will cause splitting. 

Minimum Recommended Nail Length

WRCLA recommended nail sizes for cedar

Columbia Fasteners carries the right fastener for fine cedar siding applications.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement sidings offer strength, beauty and long-lasting structural support regardless of climate in which the sidings are installed. Shingles, lap and panel profiles (in variety of textures) carry the added benefit of transferable warranties ranging from 25-50 years and lifetime. Columbia Fasteners carries recommended fastening products that complement the longevity of the fiber cement siding products.

Our Type 304 SS hand drive nails meet specifications currently required by most manufacturers of lap and panel fiber cement siding. For pneumatic fastener installation, our stainless steel collated fasteners are guaranteed to be compatible with most popular brands of pneumatic nail-guns.